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Functional Weakness and Strength Recovery

Achieve Strength Recovery from Functional Weakness with Family integrative Medicine

Are you recovering from a sick stay or hospital surgery, but are struggling with muscle atrophy and functional weakness? Perhaps you are experiencing difficulty with a specific limb, or even a recurring injury that flares up with pain. Do you want to improve your balance and strength to help prevent a fall at home? Or, maybe you’d like to perform better at your next athletic sporting event. 

At Family Integrative Medicine in Central Florida, our experienced team believes you should be able to enjoy what you love most without being held back by your symptoms. Let our highly trained experts develop a customized physical rehabilitation and strength recovery treatment plan using innovative regenerative therapies to relieve functional weakness, as soon as possible. 

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The Benefits of Physical rehabilitation for functional weakness

According to Massachusetts General Hospital, more than 80% of patients hospitalized for neurological conditions are also diagnosed with some type of functional weakness. This can range from mild, localized pain to severe, persistent loss of strength or ability. 

However, physical rehabilitation can be incredibly beneficial for those with functional weakness and muscle loss. Benefits include: 

  • Better Overall Function
  • Pain Relief
  • Restoring Activities of Daily Living
  • Stronger Muscles & Endurance
  • Improved Core Stability
  • Greater Control, Precision & Agility
  • Injury Prevention
  • Improved Blood Circulation
  • Enhanced Mobility and Balance

Treating Functional Weakness with Family Integrative Medicine 

Pursue long-term solutions to minimize functional weakness with physical medicine and rehabilitation at Family Integrative Medicine in Central Florida. Our empathetic, knowledgeable team can help you improve muscle strength and range of motion, regardless of your current diagnosis, pain level and limitations. Visit any one of our conveniently located medical clinics in Central Florida to explore a variety of innovative regenerative therapies that can target functional weakness. 

Here, you will experience the great advantage of integrative medicine. While other medical practices deliver the same treatment to many patients with the same diagnosis, Family Integrative Medicine meets a higher standard for personalized care. At Family Integrative Medicine, we believe that the optimal course of treatment for any condition should differ for each patient. And successful recovery from surgery or injury requires a supportive, caring team of knowledgeable medical professionals to help you heal.   

Ultimately, the goal is to help you get back to the activities you love most. Combining advanced medical diagnostics, regenerative and complementary medicine, our highly trained team will work to identify the root cause of your pain. The next step is a customized treatment plan to improve your functional weakness and build muscle strength. This may include exercises to stimulate muscle contractions, manual techniques that optimize fluid dynamics and transmit electrical impulses, pattern restoration for muscle firing and more.  

Treatments offered

✓ Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
✓ Innovative Regenerative Therapies
✓ Medical Acupuncture
✓ Wellness Care & Healthy Habits
✓ Advanced Medical Diagnostics
✓ Auto & Personal Injury Care
✓ Spinal Decompression
✓ Chiropractic Care
✓ Vitamin IV Therapy
✓ Ozone IV Therapy