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Family Integrative Medicine offers a variety of innovative therapies that can help

Patients in Central Florida with a neuropathy diagnosis know what it’s like to be on pins and needles. The pain, numbness and tingling symptoms may even result in sleepless nights. Or, you may feel stuck at home, like you can’t risk going out with friends. If neuropathy is affecting your life and daily function, it is time to get some relief. 

We’ve found that patients with neuropathy in their feet often have lower back pain as well. The heat of a Florida summer day or a winter chill in the air may make your pain more intense.

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Neuropathy is a neurological condition that destroys nerves and causes numbness, pain, balance problems and weakness. The root cause of neuropathy is typically a lack of blood flow to the nerves. This often affects the feet, toes, fingers and hands, making it challenging to complete daily tasks without discomfort

Many factors may contribute to an individual’s diagnosis.

  • Auto-Immune Diseases
  • Injuries or Trauma
  • Infections
  • Toxic Exposure
  • Metabolic Problems
  • Vitamin Deficiencies
  • Idiopathic health conditions
  • Unmanaged Diabetes

According to the NIH, neuropathy affects more than 20 million men and women in the United States alone.


We believe that you should be able to enjoy what you love most without feeling impaired by your neuropathy. Let our highly trained experts develop a customized treatment plan to address the root cause, so that the pain won’t keep you from your favorite activities or loved ones any longer.

We know that the optimal course of treatment for any condition will differ for each patient, because your health care needs are as unique as you are. Combining advanced medical diagnostics, regenerative and complementary medicine, our highly trained team will work to relieve you of your pain.


Clinical studies show that the overwhelming pain experienced by patients older than 55 can be successfully treated through natural means.

Regardless of your current diagnosis, pain level and functional limitations, our conveniently located clinics in Central Florida can provide a variety of innovative therapies for patients who suffer from neuropathy. Here, you will experience the great advantage of integrative medicine. While other medical practices deliver the same treatment to as many patients as possible based on the same diagnosis, Family Integrative Medicine meets a higher standard for personalized care.   

Treatments offered

✓ Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
✓ Innovative Regenerative Therapies
✓ Medical Acupuncture
✓ Wellness Care & Healthy Habits
✓ Advanced Medical Diagnostics
✓ Auto & Personal Injury Care
✓ Spinal Decompression
✓ Chiropractic Care
✓ Vitamin IV Therapy
✓ Ozone IV Therapy

Now offering Aesthetic Services and Hormone Balancing!