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Painful Arthritis 

Relieve Painful Arthritis at Family Integrative Medicine 

Living with a painful joint condition like arthritis can be frustrating and limiting. Because your joints are crucial to having full range of motion and mobility in everyday life, arthritic pain can interfere with the most basic daily activities and affect every move you make. For patients in Central Florida, over-the-counter medications aren’t always enough to manage the discomfort. Many also prefer to avoid dependence on heavy-duty prescription medications as a long-term solution. What’s next? 

Family Integrative Medicine believes that you should be able to enjoy what you love most without being held back by painful arthritis. To relieve chronic joint pain, our professional team provides a variety of innovative therapies to help conditions like painful arthritis. Let our highly trained experts develop a customized treatment plan to relieve your symptoms so that you can get back to the activities you love most. 

Doctor assisting patient who has arthritis in her hand

What Causes Painful Arthritis? 

According to the CDC, one in four adults – or more than 58 million people – suffer from painful arthritis. Defined as the degeneration of one or multiple joints, arthritis results in symptoms that include pain, stiffness, swelling and reduced range of motion. It is one of the leading causes of work disability in the United States, with annual costs for medical care and lost income totaling $303 billion.

Do you work in a job that requires repetitive moments and strains your muscles? Have you been meaning to lose weight to alleviate extra pressure on your joints? Chronic painful arthritis may also arise from poor nutrition, high-impact sports and more.

  • Poor Posture
  • Activity Level
  • Natural Aging Process
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Repetitive Movements
  • Chronic Conditions & Disease
  • Poor Nutrition
  • High-Impact Sports
  • Auto or Personal Injury

Treating Painful Arthritis with Family Integrative Medicine 

Letting painful arthritis go untreated is not viable for patients with daily discomfort. Instead, turn to Family Integrative Medicine for a supportive, knowledgeable team who wants to help you meet your health goals. Regardless of your current diagnosis, pain level and functional limitations, our conveniently located clinics in Central Florida can provide a variety of innovative therapies for patients who suffer from chronic joint pain. 

It’s the great advantage of integrative medicine. While many medical practices would deliver the same treatment to as many patients as possible based on diagnosis, Family Integrative Medicine meets a higher standard for personalized care.  

At Family Integrative Medicine, we know that the optimal course of treatment for any condition will differ for each patient. Combining advanced medical diagnostics, regenerative and complementary medicine, our highly trained team will work to identify the root cause of your pain. The next step is a customized treatment plan to relieve your symptoms and help you get back to the activities you love most. Don’t let arthritis inflammation and stiffness keep you from your favorite hobbies, athletic sports, or everyday routine! 

Treatments offered

✓ Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
✓ Innovative Regenerative Therapies
✓ Medical Acupuncture
✓ Wellness Care & Healthy Habits
✓ Advanced Medical Diagnostics
✓ Auto & Personal Injury Care
✓ Spinal Decompression
✓ Traction Therapy

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